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Dr. Elana Guy -

Psychotherapist specializing in postpartum, motherhood support and teens

Radiant Life Chiropractic, Dr. Dannielle Mutch -

Expert chiropractic specializing in prenatal and senior care

Heartsong Health - Dr. Suzie Lee -

Functional Plant Medicine, Chiropractic, Clinical Nutrition and Sound Healing

Dr. Adria Amenti - Amenti Acupuncture -

Expert, effective, gentle acupuncture

Marjorie Seidenfeld MD - Clinical College Guidance

Support for high school students with medical or mental health issues to ensure a smooth transition to college. Learn more at

NoFu Skin Studio -

Clinical Skincare, Reiki Healing and Infrared Sauna 

Postpartum / Birth Doulas:

Masako Yura -
Teylor Wallance Croke - The Foodie Doula
Ursula Goulet
Janae Werner
Ludmilla Souza - Ludmilla Postpartum Doula
Beth Hammond - Love to Sleep Consulting
Birth Realm - Birth Realm Postpartum Care
Nikole Dennan - Hippy Dippy Doula
Steffany Dantas - Sleep Through the Night
East Bay Postpartum Doula Circle, East Bay Postpartum
Nadine Quintero -
Jala Green - 
Emily Shenson -

Heather Van Atta -

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